nikky feeding souls with alexa conomos

A Chat with Alexa Conomos on the Why Behind Nikky Feeding Souls

In one of the earliest episodes of Nikky Feeding Souls, I sat down for a chat with Alexa Conomos. As most of us know, Alexa is the lovely lady that graced the morning news on WFAA-TV Channel 8. I’m happy to learn that she’s a Mint Fanatic.

The two of us got to talk about my background and how I got into the restaurant business. So, I told her a bit about myself—that I was born here in the US to a Thai dad and a Texan mom, and that our family moved back to Thailand when I was little. I came back to the US by way of a bet between me and my mom. What that bet was about, you’ll just have to find out by watching the episode.

I also told Alexa that I started Asian Mint with my husband 15 years ago. Through Asian Mint, I found my life’s calling. That calling is to feed people’s souls so they can go out and do what they’re made to do. I believe that by following this calling, I get to make an impact on other people. More importantly, I get to be a good role model for my kids by following my passion and dreams.

Why Nikky Feeding Souls?

Another thing Alexa asked me is how I came up with Nikky Feeding Souls. The simple answer is this: It’s a way to answer all the questions that my Mint Fanatics ask me about Thailand. I befriended a couple who works as a videographer and a photographer. They enjoyed the vision I had for the show, and they followed me around for a couple of days to film the episodes.

Shooting those episodes was fun. I probably ate like a hundred different things in those two days, but everything was soooo good.

Perhaps the most significant question that Alexa put to me is this: How do I manage being a restaurateur, business woman, and mom all at the same time? Again, the simple answer is this: I have a fabulous tribe supporting me all the way. My family, my friends, my mom friends, my team, and my Mint Fanatics—I’m nothing without them.

I had fun sharing my story with Alexa. I hope you enjoy that episode.

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