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Enjoy a Cozy Feast with Asian Mint’s ChefMint 5

Hey, y’all! I’m happy to announce that ChefMint 5, the latest in Asian Mint’s ChefMint line of ready-to-cook meal kits, is now available to preorder starting May 25. This kit features my signature green curry, along with chicken satay, Asian vegetable stir-fry, and jasmine rice.

I’m also sending a big shoutout to Dallas Observer for including my Facebook Live video in their weekend roundup. In the FB live, I showed how to transform the contents of ChefMint 5 into a beautiful, soul-feeding three-course meal. Did you watch it live? If you missed it, you can catch the replay here:

ChefMint 5 is a feast ready in 15 minutes

What I love about ChefMint 5, and what I demonstrated in my FB Live session, is that this kit yields a generous feast in less than 15 minutes. Within that time, you can have a yummy three-course meal good for four people. You can also apportion the food in the kit so you can have two or three meals for two.

So, what’s inside ChefMint 5? In the kit, you’ll find ingredients and instructions for making Asian Mint’s green curry, Asian vegetable stir-fry, and chicken satay. The ingredients are prepped and pre-cooked when necessary to make cooking much, much faster and easier for you. For instance, the chicken for the curry is already partially cooked and the broccoli for the stir-fry is already parboiled.

An indulgent, soul-feeding meal

Just like with previous ChefMint kits, the dishes featured in ChefMint 5 are some of Asian Mint’s popular soul-feeding comfort food.

The green curry is a delightfully creamy dish chockfull of chicken, eggplant, bamboo shoots, red bell peppers, basil, and coconut milk. One of the questions I get frequently asked is what’s the difference between red curry and green curry. The key difference between these two is that red curry is made with red dried chili. On the other hand, green curry uses fresh green Thai chili, which has an entirely different flavor profile. Green curry is also generally spicier than the red one and typically contains eggplants.

Chicken satay is a grilled chicken dish, where chicken breasts are marinated in spices like turmeric. They’re then skewered for grilling. At Asian Mint, we serve chicken satay with cucumber chutney and house-made peanut sauce.

As for the Asian vegetable stir-fry, it’s a dish of mixed vegetables and tofu. The vegetables include broccoli, carrots, bok choy, cabbage, and green and white onions.

All the dishes in ChefMint 5 are gluten-free. Additionally, when you place your order, you can indicate your food preferences and if you have any food allergies.

Again, you can now preorder ChefMint 5 at the Asian Mint online store. Check it out:

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