Asian Mint’s ChefMint Kit #4 Features House Fried Rice and Cashew Chicken

If you’re a fan of Asian Mint’s house fried rice and cashew chicken, I have some awesome news for you. We’re featuring these two dishes, along with miso soup, in our ChefMint Kit #4, the latest kit in our ChefMint line.

ChefMint Kit #4 yields a cozy, comforting meal

As we’ve mentioned previously, our ChefMint kits contain ingredients and instructions that will help you make your favorite Asian Mint dishes. So, even though our dining rooms are currently closed, you can still have an authentic Asian Mint experience at home.

For ChefMint Kit #4, we’re putting in everything you need to make house fried rice with shrimp, cashew chicken, and miso soup in your own kitchen.

Our house fried rice is fragrant jasmine rice cooked with tomatoes, eggs, as well as green and white onions. You get to choose from a selection of proteins when you order this while dining in at Asian Mint. But for ChefMint, we’re making it available with shrimp. It’s a great dish you can enjoy if you’re on a gluten-free diet. Plus, you can choose between white and brown jasmine rice.

Another gluten-free favorite is our cashew chicken. In this dish, chicken is stir-fried with carrots, snap peas, cabbage, mushrooms, and white and green onions. A medium-spiced chili sauce adds a bit of zing to the dish.

Our miso soup, on the other hand, is a yummy soup made of miso soy, seaweed, scallions, and soft tofu.

You can have a truly cozy meal with these three dishes. You can set up ChefMint Kit #4 as a three-course meal for four. Or you can spread it into two meals for two people by separating the entrees.

Available for subscription orders

Just like all the ChefMint kits we’ve released so far, ChefMint Kit #4 is available standalone. But I invite you to try our available kits by signing up for a subscription. In this way, you can pay just once, and then we’ll deliver the new kits you’ve ordered once they’re available.

Additionally, you can modify your kit according to your preferences. For one, you can opt to have brown jasmine rice instead of the usual white in your kit. You can also have your kit adapted to suit your dietary requirements, like if you’re vegan or vegetarian, if you have specific food allergies, or if you prefer your food to be gluten-free. The lead time for orders is 48 hours.

You can get the Asian Mint ChefMint Kit #4, along with other goodies, here:

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