#NikkyFeedingSouls celebrates Asian Mint's 15th anniversary

My Baby, Asian Mint, Just Turned 15!

My restaurant chain, Asian Mint, celebrated its 15th anniversary in October. Because 15 years is such a huge milestone, my team and I made sure that we’d be in a party mood for the whole month of October. It was indeed a month full of fun, with a bit of nostalgia thrown in.

I would like to thank our media friends at Katy Trail Weekly, Dallas Doing Good, and FSR Magazine for their coverage of the Asian Mint anniversary. It’s a gesture that’s much appreciated.

We celebrated our 15th anniversary in true Asian Mint style

There are two virtues we lived by at Asian Mint. One is we serve our customers tasty, healthy, soul-feeding food. The other is we give back to our community as much and as often as we can. So what better way to celebrate our 15th anniversary than by highlighting these two virtues?

First, we brought a few throwback dishes back on our menu for the whole of October. This certainly cranked up the nostalgia for Asian Mint’s baby and toddler years. Among these old favorites that we served are Pad Thai rolls. These are crispy rolls filled with Pad Thai Woon Sen and served with house-made sweet-and-sour sauce.

We also brought back two dishes that used to be exclusive to our Oak Lawn location: duck red curry and grilled Thai fish balls. Duck red curry is, as its name suggests, duck breasts in hot red curry. Grilled Thai fish balls, on the other hand, is our version of traditional skewered fish balls you’ll find in street stalls in Bangkok.

Additionally, we put our Rad Nah back on our menu. Rad Nah is a dish with big, wok-cooked noodles smothered with greens and gravy, served with your choice of protein. It’s a classic Thai noodle dish.

An Asian Mint celebration isn’t complete with giving back

As mentioned, charitable giving is the second version we live by at Asian Mint. Thus, on the day of our anniversary itself, we held a day-long party in all our four locations. Customers who bought tickets to the party got free appetizers, a Ginger Sparkler, and an exclusive Asian Mint T-shirt.

All the proceeds from the party we donated to the Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation (TRAEF) and Les Dames d’Escoffier Dallas. We want to see Dallas’ food culture enriched with new talent and leadership. And these two organizations are dedicated to training new talent and raising new leaders for the Dallas culinary industry.

Here’s to 15 more years… and many, many more!

The restaurant industry is a tough industry to be in. Restaurants come, and restaurants go. So, I feel truly blessed that I’ve had Asian Mint for 15 years. It’s a testament, not just to my own passion and hard work, but also to that of my team. I am here where I am right now because I have a good team supporting me—my family, my friends, my Mintees, and my Mint Fanatics. For them, I am grateful. Thank you to you all.

Here’s to 15 more years of Asian Mint. And many, many more years beyond.

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