Asian Mint Richardson grand debut

Asian Mint Richardson Grand Opening Scores Headlines

Hey, y’all! It’s been a busy, busy, busy couple of weeks for me and my Asian Mint team. We’ve had a lot of exciting stuff going on. For one, I had the opportunity to show off Asian Mint’s signature New Bangkok-style Asian fusion cuisine at the Texas State Fair. There’s also our 15th anniversary party. (I hope you didn’t miss it!) And I’m preparing for my upcoming appearance on Fox4. (Watch it, y’all.)

But what got me excited most these past couple of weeks is the grand opening of Asian Mint Richardson, the fourth location of my restaurant chain. And it makes me proud that this important event hit the headlines. Here’s what our media friends had to say:

Community Impact: “Asian Mint joins Richardson dining scene”

Community Impact’s short but sweet report on Asian Mint Richardson’s opening highlights our reason for offering the Richardson community Asian Mint’s full-service model. We’ve come to believe that the full-service model will be better appreciated by the community. The report also mentioned the variety of our menu, our full-service bar serving Asian-inspired cocktails, and our plans to host cooking classes.

CraveDFW highlights our fresh and healthy take on Thai food

CraveDFW’s story on the debut adds a bit more detail on how I got into the restaurant business and my inspiration behind the Asian Mint concept. But what I liked most about this article is it talked about the effort we put in serving healthy and soul-feeding Thai food. It mentioned our use of fresh ingredients, as well as spices and herbs that heal the body.

CultureMap Dallas puts Asian Mint Richardson on its good-food, no-drama list

The theme for CultureMap Dallas‘ monthly “Where to Eat” column for October is “places to grab a casual bite with good food and no drama.” I’m absolutely flattered that Asian Mint Richardson is on this month’s list. After all, the only drama you’ll find in my restaurants is in how awesome our food is. (If you haven’t tasted my food, what are you waiting for?)

Dallas Eater calls Asian Mint a “beloved Thai restaurant”

Dallas Eater’s write-up on the Asian Mint Richardson opening warms my heart. It dubbed Asian Mint as “a beloved Thai restaurant.” It also called our food “top-notch” and talked a bit about its healing properties. It also mentioned that the debut coincides with the 15th anniversary of our entry into the Dallas restaurant scene.

FSR Magazine keeps it newsy

The FSR Magazine article on the debut delivers it straight and to the point. Aside from the opening date and the address of the new location, the article described the food and drinks we have on offer. It also noted our desire to serve everyone who comes through our doors food that fills the belly but also feeds the soul.

Thank you so much, media friends. I’m so grateful that you have dedicated some valuable space for Asian Mint Richardson on your websites.

I definitely hope that you’ve been to Asian Mint Richardson. But if you haven’t, I certainly look forward to seeing you there.

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