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Asian Mint’s Valentine’s Day Takeout for Two Lands in the Dallas Morning News

It’s one of the most awaited holidays of the year: Valentine’s Day. And with everything that happened the past year, everyone deserves to celebrate love this year. If you endured the pandemic with your partner, it’s even more crucial to remind each other of your shared love.

I understand the prolonged periods of social isolation and family quarantines did a number on everyone. That’s why I created easy-to-cook meal kits available during our trying times and continuously strived to provide you with food for both your body and soul.

Dallas Morning News lists Asian Mint among excellent Valentine’s Day takeout providers

I’m always brimming with joy when we’re mentioned in the news because it allows us to reach and enrich more people. So, I’d like to thank Dallas News for adding Asian Mint to their wonderful Valentine’s Day takeout providers list.

For this year’s Valentine, Asian Mint is offering a takeout brunch special. I wanted everyone to get the best of both worlds in Asian Mint’s Valentine’s Day takeout for two, so you’ll get classic sweets paired with healthy and traditional Thai meals.

You can expect chocolate mousse crepes, sweet crispy noodles, a French Kiss cocktail kit, and bacon fried rice paired with Thai fried egg. And if you want something more special for Valentine’s Day, check out the other dishes you can add to your meal.

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s with your family, you can opt for my meal kits, too. Asian Mint offers lovingly-prepared and authentic Thai dish packages that you can easily cook at home.

That ends our roundup today. I hope you enjoy Valentine’s Day with your special people! Remember that we all deserve to feel the love on Valentine’s, so let’s make it memorable by adding soulful food to the celebration.

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