Dallas is Bon Appetit's Best Restaurant City for 2019

Bon Appetit Names Dallas Best Restaurant City 2019

I’ve always loved Dallas. It’s not just because it’s my home, but also because it’s an exciting city to be in. Its energy is inspiring, especially for me as a restaurateur.

It turns out that someone else has fallen hard for this city, and that’s none other than Bon Appetit. The respected food magazine recently named Dallas best restaurant city for 2019, according to a report by D Magazine.

Isn’t this amazing? I say it’s an awesome time to be a restaurateur in Dallas.

Dallas: “Texas’ oft-skipped food destination is no longer skippable”

Bon Appetit writer Hilary Cadigan summarized her review of the Dallas food scene as follows: “From the rich bowls of boat noodles to the crazy charcuterie boards to the spicy strawberry sotol, one thing is clear: Texas’ oft-skipped food destination is no longer skippable.”

She gave two reasons for saying so. One is Dallas having a “community of highly ambitious chefs,” all coming from different backgrounds and working independently of each other. But the one thing these chefs have in common is they have chosen to follow their own vision for their food instead of sticking to the old formulas of running a restaurant business. As a result, they have created highly personalized spaces that reflect their vision.

The other reason that Hilary gave is the diversity of food offerings you’ll find in Dallas. This springs from the fact that Dallas has strong immigrant communities that have stayed loyal to their cultural identities. Their food culture is rich, and they are only too willing to share it. Every neighborhood has something spectacular to offer, and what they have is hard to find elsewhere, even in other foodie cities.

Hilary even mentioned some of Richardson’s culinary gems in her article. In case you missed it, Richardson is the home of my fourth Asian Mint.

It’s a great time to be a Dallas restaurateur

I’ve always been proud of my home city. Dallas becoming Bon Appetit’s 2019 best restaurant city is just icing on the cake. I’m even prouder that Asian Mint fits the magazine’s description of Dallas as a restaurant city. It’s my baby, my way of sharing my vision of feeding souls through Thai food.

If you’re not from Dallas and you haven’t been yet, I invite you to visit and taste what foodie delights the city has to offer. And do stop by Asian Mint for a taste of my brand of Thai soul food. If you’re already a Mint Fanatic, then we shall see each other again, I’m sure. See you around!

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