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Hey, y’all. Things have been hectic lately. We’ve been busy with getting everything ready for the grand opening of the new Asian Mint location in Richardson. In case you missed it, we’re set to open our doors by end of September at 300 W. Campbell, where our old EnjoyMint store used to be. My team and I are working so hard to make everything perfect for that day, and we’re super excited to bring our fun and fresh Asian Mint flavor to Richardson.

new Asian Mint location in Richardson

What makes me even more excited is the buzz this new opening is making. Many of our media friends have already covered it, and one of the most recent write-ups is by Alex Gonzalez of Local Profile. He and I had a chat a while ago about Asian Mint’s upcoming Richardson launch, as well as a few other things.

I’m taking this opportunity to say “thank you” to Alex for coming down to Asian Mint and having lunch with me. It was fun!

So, what did Alex write about me?

Chef Nikky Phinyawatana of Asian Mint

What did Alex and I talk about that landed in his write-up? Well, lots of things. Top of the list is, of course, the Asian Mint opening in Richardson.

Our conversation also touched upon how I got into the restaurant business and why. Naturally, that got us talking about my philosophy with regards food, and how I apply this philosophy of feeding souls with every single dish we serve at Asian Mint.

Lastly, I shared with him a little bit about the origins of Nikky Feeding Souls. I let him know how I came up with the idea of launching a YouTube web series, as well as how it all came together.

Local Profile is “the cultural compass of Collin County”

What else can you read on Local Profile other than this write-up about me? This Plano-based magazine calls itself “the cultural compass of Collin County.” Thus, you can expect to find articles on topics near and dear to the people of Collin County. These topics include art, food, health, business, health, and many others.

AsianMint Food

In addition, Local Profile has a separate category for non-profit organizations. Local Profile aims to use its channels to signal-boost the charitable activities of non-profit organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. According to the magazine’s data, there are 31,000 non-profit groups in the DFW area alone, and many of them are based in Collin County. The presence of these many orgs makes DFW the second-largest giving community in the US, next only to Houston.

Local Profile releases a new issue every month, both in print and virtual form.

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