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News Bits: ChefMint Meal Kits for Feeding the Soul

Hey, y’all! We’re a couple of months past 2021, but we’re still widely affected by the pandemic. A lot of us got some learnings out of the situation. In the case of my Asian Mint team, came to the realization that an excellent meal plays a significant role in keeping everyone, and I mean everyone, sane.

So we came up with the ChefMint meal kits.

Have you ever had a day that was so awful that you thought nothing could save it? But then you sat down to a good meal, and all of a sudden, everything felt great again? That’s the power of a soul-feeding meal.

That’s the power my team and I wanted to harness. But with the pandemic and its accompanying lockdowns, not to mention the other stressors that came with Covid-19, dining out has been near-impossible. So we thought—why not bring the dining-out experience to our guests’ home?

That’s how we came up with the ChefMint meal kits. It caught the attention of Restaurant Hospitality and PaperCity, and we are thankful that they’re getting the word out. My team and I definitely hope that we’re making a difference and bringing joy to families and individuals alike with our meal kits somehow. I feel that it’s something that we all deserve right now.

Aside from the ChefMint meal kits, we also made my cooking experiences virtual. We also made my signature sauces available online, as well as Asian Mint’s desserts, cocktails, and other goodies.

That’s the news I have for now. I hope y’all are keeping sane by eating healthy and feeding your soul.

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