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Craving Papaya Salad? Here’s Where You Can Get It in Bangkok

Thai Papaya salad or som tum is one of my favorite things to eat. And when I’m in Bangkok, one of my favorite places to get papaya salad is Jeed-Jard, a restaurant in the outer rim of JJ/Chatuchak Weekend Market. Their papaya salad is really the most amazing in town.

Aside from their papaya salad, what makes Jeed-Jard a great place to eat is it’s not intimidating. The menu has pictures of all the food you can order there. Plus, their names are translated into English. This makes ordering food at Jeed-Jard much simpler for everyone.

They have a lot of Thai food choices available too. In one of our visits to Jeed-Jard, we had fried shrimp salad, crispy catfish, and fried chicken to go with our Thai Papaya Salad. We also ordered fresh bamboo salad, a yummy dish that I don’t often get to have in the States.

Here’s a pro-tip: whatever you order at Jeed-Jard, always get sticky rice. It’s the money shot, I promise.

What’s more, you get to write your own order on a piece of paper. You get to list all you want to eat, along with instructions to go with them. You can ask them to add more spice, skip the nuts, put less sauce, and other ways you want your order customized.

But you know what—I recommend that you try the food as it is before you fix it to your taste. They’re really amazing!

JJ Market/Chatuchak is a haven for dining and shopping. I strongly suggest that you visit this market when you go to Bangkok—two weekends if you have the time. The first time is for shopping what you want. The second time is for shopping for the things you missed and felt you should have bought the first time you were there. And while you’re there, don’t forget to stop for a meal at Jeed-Jard. You won’t be disappointed!

Check out my video on Jeed-Jard:

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