CW33, NBC5 Celebrates Thai New Year with Chef Nikky

My soul feels so full thinking about how our Songkran celebration went in Asian Mint. Many lovely people joined us, and we were featured in two fantastic news channels, too: CW33 and NBC5.

CW33’s anchor Jenny Anchondo and contributor Yolonda Williams celebrated Songkran by trying out a few of my favorite Thai New Year dishes. They got the meals from Asian Mint and briefly reviewed them in CW33’s Morning After segment.

I was so glad to hear how Ms. Williams appreciated the three dishes and called them refreshing, while Ms. Anchondo said the meals were phenomenal, especially the Thai tea! Nothing feeds my soul better than knowing I’m spreading the love I possess for Thai food and culture through Asian Mint.

In NBC5’s Texas Today, Vivian Kwarm filled me with joy as we talked about the Thai New Year, too. I explained the significance of the Water Festival held during Songkran and introduced some of my favorite meals to celebrate Thai New Year.

We also talked about my upcoming virtual classes and my goal of feeding souls through Thai food and culture.

You can say that I started the year great – I’m so grateful to CW33 and NBC5 for allowing me to share my passion and mission. And to everyone who joined us in Asian Mint on Songkran, thank you!

Stay safe and have a wonderful year, everyone!

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