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Dallas Observer Features the Story Behind the Recipe for My Asian Noodle Salad

We chefs and recipe writers are aware that people have their preferences when it comes to reading recipes. Some folks are content to have a list of recipes and a set of step-by-step instructions. On the other hand, there are some who take the time to read the story behind the recipe and learn the nuances that make it work.

I totally understand the importance of having a recipe presented as a simple list of ingredients with step-by-step instructions. They’re convenient, especially when you’re in a hurry to put food on the dinner table. But I definitely love sharing the story behind a recipe I wrote whenever possible. By sharing the story, I believe I’m feeding my reader’s soul, as well as my own. The story gives the recipe color, life, and a reason for being.

So when Lauren Drews Daniels of Dallas Observer asked me to share the recipe behind my Asian noodle salad, I gladly complied. She, in turn, included my story in this article.

What’s the story behind my Asian noodle salad?

Most Mint Fanatics—the nickname we have for fans of my Asian Mint restaurant group—know my story. And you probably do too, if you’ve been following this blog and my YouTube channel. Anyhow, I was born in the US to a Texan mom and a Thai dad, but I spent my earliest years in Bangkok. When I was a teenager, my mom shipped me back to the US so I can learn to speak English properly at Hockaday School.

As I’ve mentioned frequently in my videos, I literally grew up eating noodle salad. My nanny took me to all these markets in Bangkok to buy fresh ingredients for this salad and the other dishes I ate as a child. So, you can guess how badly I missed noodle salad when I first came to school in the US. I had to figure out how to make it on my own and where to buy the ingredients I need. Out of it came the Asian noodle salad recipe we use at Asian Mint.

Please read the rest of the story in Lauren’s Dallas Observer article:

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