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Escape to Thailand: Taste the Holiday Season in Bangkok with Me on December 16

I have a question for y’all: How do you celebrate the holiday season? It’s no secret that all of us have our own way of celebrating Yuletide. In Bangkok, where I grew up, we have fun and heartwarming holiday traditions that we observe every year. I invite you to join me in a virtual exploration of the holiday season in Bangkok that I am hosting on December 16, 2020.

This event, which I call “Holidays in Bustling Bangkok,” is part of my Escape to Thailand series of online experiences. Come and join me by signing up here:

What to expect when spending the holiday season in Bangkok

holiday season in bangkokJust like with any city in any part of the world, Bangkok sparkles during the holidays. The people of Bangkok have their own way of making this time of the year a truly festive one. And I’m here to guide you on what you can expect when you’re in the Thai capital city in December.

For one, I will share with you my own childhood experiences of December in Bangkok. I will tell stories of what my family did and the traditions we followed whenever December rolled in. We also have certain gift-giving practices in Thailand, on which I will share my insights.

An Escape to Thailand event of mine won’t be complete without food. So, for this specific event, I will show you how to cook some of my favorite cold-weather Thai comfort foods:

Tom yum/tom kha soup

Hot and sour soups are amazing comfort food to have around on cold-weather days. The sour-spiciness of these soups help your body generate heat to ward off the cold. In Thailand, we have tom yum and tom kha. They’re both hot and sour soups popular in and outside Thailand. They’re alike in some ways, but the one big difference is that tom kha uses coconut milk as a base.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is a noodle stir-fry dish that you can rely on for comfort any time of the year. It enjoys iconic status as Thailand’s national dish. Moreover, it’s delicious and hearty, so easy to make yet so complex in flavor, and so capable of feeding your soul.

As I said earlier, I will demonstrate how to cook these two amazing dishes. But if you want to try your hand at it, you’re welcome to cook it with me. You can sign up for the special prep kit I have available for this event. You can get this prep kit from the Forest Lane location of Asian Mint, or you can have it shipped to you. Additionally, we have vegan and pescatarian options for the prep kit.

Exploring mindful eating with Priya Patel of The Intention Table

priya patel, holiday season in bangkokAs a special treat for the evening, I’m bringing along my good friend Priya Patel of The Intention Table. She will lead a brief exploration of mindful eating for the holidays.

Priya is an entrepreneur, a yoga instructor, and a meditation teacher. As founder and creator of The Intention Table, she sees it as her mission to help people heal from and overcome traumas by building self-awareness. She believes that food is medicine and that it’s a powerful tool for facilitating healing.

I’d be so delighted if you will let me guide you through an exploration of the holiday season in Bangkok. It’s going to be a fun and soul-feeding experience. And it’s an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. You can sign up for it here:

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