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Finding the Best Art in Chatuchak Market

Browsing for art in Chatuchak Market is one of the things I love doing whenever I’m in Bangkok. In the market’s Art Zone, I get to discover new pieces that I can bring back home to the States. I’ve bought a few paintings before, and I’ve used them as focal points in my restaurants. But more than that, I get to discover exciting new trends and artists. I also get to support Bangkok’s art community in my own way.

Section 7 is where you’ll find the art galleries and shops in Chatuchak Market, also known as JJ Market. Art in Chatuchak Market comes in many forms—painting, sculpture, and other mediums. There’s also a good mix of modern, contemporary, and traditional Thai art there.

One of my new favorite artists, who has set up shop in the market, makes his art out of paper. He said he loves paper: its form, its texture, its smell, the sound it makes when you work with it. He doesn’t call himself a painter. Rather, he prefers to be called a paper cutter. His artwork is exquisite.

A hub for Thai art

I’m kind of surprised that JJ Market’s Art Zone used to be the place where people bought bricks and boulders for construction and roosters for cockfighting. How could I not know that when I’m from Bangkok? Anyhow, a group of artists came together to establish a community for art in Chatuchak. And we all know what happens when a community comes together, right?

Thanks to the efforts of these pioneering artists, Chatuchak Market’s Art Zone is now an important hub for anything Thai art. You’ll find work by both established and emerging artists in the galleries there. And if you want to buy a piece to bring home with you, you can easily do so. The staff manning these galleries already have packing supplies ready so you can bring your art with you to the airport.

Check out my episode on buying art in Chatuchak.

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