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Nikky Feeding Souls Season 2 Episode 1: Our First Day in Phuket

I was so excited getting off the plane on our first day in Phuket. We’ve been communicating with the team on land, knowing they have already picked up Ruth and were waiting for us, including the camera team, to arrive. I admit, I wasn’t exactly sure how this trip was all going to go. But the excitement of sharing Thailand with my new Soul Foodies is getting to me.

Jet-lagged yet fabulous

Being on an approximately 30-hour flight across oceans wouldn’t make anyone feel glamorous. I know I didn’t when we landed at the Phuket airport. But once we met everyone, who cares about looking tired and jetlagged, right? The moment I got to meet everyone on this trip at the airport was the first time I ever felt like a Kardashian—jet-setting and fabulous.

After a spiel of getting to know each other a little, we all got used to each other really fast. Looking back, I wouldn’t have done this trip without this group. We might be jet-lagged, but wow, weren’t we excited for this trip!

Old Town in five hours on our first day in Phuket

The goal we set for that first day in Phuket was to keep everyone moving for as long as possible before hitting the resort we’re supposed to stay at for the holiday. We pushed for this goal despite the tiredness of sitting through a long flight because we knew that if we checked in at the resort first, everyone would be temped to take a nap. It would be extremely hard to get up, then.

From the airport, we stopped at Phuket Old Town and pretty much ate our way through the district in five hours. We had three foodie stops:

  • Khao Tom Dibuk, where we had the most amazing Chinese-style porridge served with pork parts like liver, intestines, and blood, as well as fermented eggs
  • A roti stand, where we had yummy, crispy roti
  • Tunk Ka Café, a cozy and romantic café on a mountain and with a fantastic view of Phuket

I’ll tell you all about these food stops in the next episodes. Stay tuned!

Seeing the sights of Phuket Old Town

Of course, stopping for food isn’t all we did in those five hours of walking around Phuket Old Town. We also visited Vanich Walking Street, also known as ChimJae Walking Street, an air-conditioned alley filled with all sorts of souvenir shops.

We also dropped by Wat Chalong and the Great Buddha of Phuket. Wat Chalong is the most popular, not to mention the most important, of the 29 Buddhist temples in Phuket. People go to Wat Chalong to pray and make wishes to the gods. Many visitors are there as well to give back and bless the temple for wishes that have come true.

The Great Buddha of Phuket is sometimes called the new Buddha, although it’s been there for more than 15 years. You can still see some construction going on there, even though the monument opened in 2002. The Great Buddha is made of white Burmese marble, and it’s simply breathtaking. You have to climb to get to the Buddha, but the climb is worth it because you get to see a 360-degree view of the island and its wonderful beaches. \

We arrived at Phuket at 7:30 in the morning and checked in at our resort at around 3:00 PM. It’s only our first day in Phuket and we already had a lot of ground covered. We still have a lot of food to taste and a lot of adventures to experience, and we’re totally excited to savor them all!

Watch the episode here:

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