raya heritage, nikky feeding souls

Nikky Feeding Souls, Season 2, Episode 10: Raya Heritage of Chiang Mai Is Heaven on Earth

Throughout our visit to Chiang Mai, we stayed at The Raya Heritage Hotel. I was the one who chose our accommodations. And given how pleased my Soul Foodies were when they saw where we were staying, I knew I made the right choice.

A modern take on traditional Lanna design

Our digs are truly one for the books. It is, quite literally, heaven on earth. Raya Heritage did an amazing job at incorporating traditional Lanna (northern Thailand) design in our rooms’ layout and decor.

Everything in the room looks clean and simple. The furniture and the decorative elements are mostly made from natural materials. The color palette is neutral and enhanced by sensual lighting. It’s pure simplicity, but oh so elegant.

I absolutely loved the bathroom in my suite. It’s an oasis!

raya heritage, nikky feeding souls

Superb attention to detail

I truly appreciated the attention that Raya Heritage put into every detail to ensure the guests’ comfort in their stay there. My room has everything I need for a comfortable stay. So, all I need to do whenever I’m in my room is to kick back and relax.

They even put a traditional lucky charm by the door of my room. Every Lanna home has one. Isn’t that amazing?

raya heritage, nikky feeding souls
Examining the room’s lucky charm

And the room smells wonderful. Even in the balcony, they have a scent going on that makes the air so fragrant and, at the same time, repels mosquitos. I wish I could bottle my room’s aromas and bring it home.

I highly recommend that you stay at The Raya Heritage Hotel when you visit Chiang Mai. It will elevate your experience.

Watch the episode here: https://bit.ly/2XyODCY

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