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Nikky Feeding Souls, Season 2, Episode 24: Our Third Day in Bangkok

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, which we visited in the previous episode, may be the most famous floating market in Bangkok. But it’s just one of the many foodie haunts in the Thai capital. On our third day in Bangkok, we explored more foodie destinations: Don Wai Fresh Market, Aoywaan Riverside Thai Culture Restaurant, and Issaya Siamese Club.

Don Wai Fresh Market overflows with fresh, IG-worthy produce

fresh produce from don wai fresh market, third day in bangkok
Fresh produce from Don Wai Fresh Market

We started our day at Don Wai Fresh Market, a riverside market less than an hour’s drive just outside Bangkok. I was blown away by the level of the cleanliness of this market. And the vegetables they had there were so amazing. I literally couldn’t keep up with my Soul Foodies because I want to take pictures of everything.

I also saw that they have these beautiful edible Thai flowers used to garnish dishes. You don’t normally see these in a regular market or supermarket.

The most fun cooking class at Aoywaan Riverside Thai Culture Restaurant

Once we’re done exploring Don Wai, we headed to nearby Aoywaan Riverside Thai Culture Restaurant. Here we had our last cooking class for this trip.

I tell you, the class was so much fun. The restaurant’s owner and namesake, Chef Aoy, led the cooking class. She’s beautiful and sweet and could not be any cuter. We made such beautiful dishes—mango sticky rice, grilled avocado salad, and green curry—and we plated them so beautifully.


Because it was our last cooking class, I told my Soul Foodies: “You guys, you are an expert now. This is our third cooking class, our last cooking class together. Nothing is over-intimidating now anymore. You already know how to taste, how to feel, how to touch what pretty much all these herbs represent.”

And they honestly took it to heart. We just hung out, really enjoyed the space and the people, and connected. It really was so much fun.

A farewell dinner at Issaya Siamese Club

We capped our third day in Bangkok with dinner at Issaya Siamese Club. Just like with the cooking class at Aoywaan, it was our last dinner together. Issaya was the perfect setting for saying farewells: a restaurant in a lovely, well-preserved, hundred-year-old house that offers amazing food. We couldn’t have chosen a better setting.

Among the dishes we enjoyed are Thai pork barbecue ribs, golden boats, Thai steak salad, crab mango salad, and steamed curry lobster. Every dish we had was perfectly created and perfectly served.

issaya siamese club golden boat and oysters
Issaya’s golden boat and oysters

We also had an awesome host, Adit, who went all out in taking care of us and keeping us entertained. He told so many beautiful, funny stories. And because a lot in my group are restaurateurs, we connected on a whole new level: We all agreed that if we could borrow Adit’s energy, put him in our suitcase, and take him home with us, we would have the best time and we could open a really fun Thai restaurant.

All in all, our third day in Bangkok was a great time. We connected and laughed and a few tears came out. We have bonded, and it’s going to be a beautiful, lifelong bond.

Watch the episode here:

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