cooking class at aoywaan

Nikky Feeding Souls, Season 2, Episode 25: A Soul-Feeding Cooking Class at Aoywaan

As mentioned in the previous episode, we had a cooking class at Aoywaan Riverside Thai Cuisine on our third day in Bangkok. It’s our third cooking class, the last one for this trip, and definitely the most fun. My Soul Foodies have become more confident in handling the ingredients used in Thai cooking. So, throughout the class, we all just hanged out and enjoyed the space together.

What made the cooking class at Aoywaan even more fun was the presence of Chef Aoy, the restaurant’s founder and namesake. She’s beautiful and brimming with bouncy energy, the kind of energy that infects and uplifts others.

About Aoywaan

cooking class at aoywaan
Chef Aoy (the lady in red) in action

Aoywaan started out in 2014 as a tour company and cooking school. Located on the bank of the Tha Chin River just outside Bangkok, the company evolved into a restaurant that offers authentic Thai food with a modern twist on the original.

As stated earlier, Chef Aoy is the restaurant’s founder and owner. The restaurant’s name comes from the combination of her name and her mother Waan’s. Incidentally, the name “Aoy” means sugar cane, while “Waan” means sweet sugar. That’s doubly sweet, don’t you think?

I personally asked Chef Aoy how she thought I fed her soul. You’ll find her response when you watch the episode. I did tell her that I love meeting people like her and that we’re on this planet for the same purpose. That purpose is none other than to inspire others through food, culture, and travel. I also told her that to be able to achieve this purpose in Thailand in her restaurant has been a super soul-feeding experience.

A true soul-feeding feast

green curry, cooking class at aoywaan
Green curry, one of the dishes we made during our cooking class at Aoywaan

What did we make during our cooking class at Aoywaan. We did mango sticky rice, green curry, and grilled avocado salad. These dishes are simply amazing.

Chef Aoy made us pound a lot of herbs. And I mean a lot. Eventually, as my Soul Foodies pounded their way with their mortars and pestles, I told them that cooking involves all the senses. It’s the entire body all in—with all the love and the passion and the pounding.

And because it was a cooking class at Aoywaan, Chef Aoy made it truly memorable—by making us dance to the Loy Krathong song as we worked.

Watch the episode here:

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