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My Executive Perspective, as Shared in a D Magazine Interview

I recently had a chat with Bianca R. Montes for a D Magazine interview. In this interview, I shared how I saw the current Covid-19 crisis and how it has affected how we do business in Asian Mint.

Flipping the model

Just like with most restaurant owners in the DFW area, I decided to close the dining rooms of Asian Mint to help contain the spread of the coronavirus. As I have always had, I give top priority to the health and safety of both my customers and my staff.

Still, I knew we had to stay on mission to feed souls. So, my team and I decided to flip the Asian Mint business model. Instead of serving customers in our dining rooms, we brought Asian Mint to them through delivery services and curbside pickups. We also launched ChefMint, kits containing ingredients and instructions that will help our guests cook their favorite Asian Mint dishes at home.

Seeing the positive in every situation

We’re all facing a challenging time, for sure, because of the Covid-19 crisis. But as I shared in the D Magazine interview, we have discovered yet again that every storm cloud has a silver lining.

Because we have opted to keep our dining rooms closed, many members of our community have expressed their thanks in our deciding to put safety first. The new systems we have set up are helping us navigate the challenges ahead. More importantly, our regulars absolutely love our ChefMint kits.

The challenge of the times has also helped me and my team strengthen our bond. A big factor is we have chosen to communicate regularly and openly through weekly meetings and daily check-ins. Spirits remain high among my team, and there’s more than enough inspiration and motivation pushing us through.

You can read my D Magazine interview here: https://bit.ly/35UVtGM

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