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Check Out Nikky Feeding Souls on Fox4 News

Among the things I love about Nikky Feeding Souls is I get to be in my own TV show. It’s not really TV, I know, but it’s my very own platform. On my YouTube channel, I get to control what goes on my episodes and I get to share my message. Most importantly, I get to fulfill my calling of feeding souls.

Recently, though, I got a taste of what’s it like to be on an actual TV show. I had the chance to talk about Nikky Feeding Souls on Fox4 News. Thank you so much, Fox4, for giving me airtime. And thank you, Raul Cantu, for visiting Asian Mint Richardson to talk to me and film my cooking class.

It’s all about purpose

The segment on Nikky Feeding Souls on Fox4 News is short, but it’s definitely sweet. In under three minutes, I got to talk about why I have built NFS. I also shared how NFS lines up with what I see as my life’s purpose of feeding souls.

As I said in the video, the aim of Nikky Feeding Souls is to inspire people to be kind and support their community. The way that I do it is through food, culture, and travel. These things really expand all our hearts and all our souls to connect with one another. When we connect with one another in this way, we can make the world a better place.

Go check out the feature on Nikky Feeding Souls on Fox4 here.

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