nikky feeding souls season finale

Nikky Feeding Souls, Season 2, Episode 26: Goodbye and Thank You!

After that cooking class with Chef Aoy and that dinner at Issaya Siamese Club, the time has come for us to say goodbye. For our last day in Bangkok and the season finale of Nikky Feeding Souls, we set off with the intention of creating a mindset of love, peace, and harmony before we head off home.

A glimpse into Thai Buddhism

nikky feeding soulsWe started this last day at midday and went to a beautiful Buddhist meditation oasis in the city. Our purpose for going there is for my Soul Foodies to get an understanding of Buddhism and how this religion shapes Thai culture.

At the oasis, we got to sit with a monk who spoke English. He graciously explained to us his daily life and the rules he had to follow throughout the day. As a treat, he led us through a guided meditation.

Truly, it was one of those moments that you just had to savor. It was a pure experience. Some people, me included, shed tears when they meditate. For me, these are tears of happiness. The shedding of tears represents a cleansing of the soul. Not everyone can meditate this way, but I’m sure that everybody meditates and connects with their soul in some way, at different levels.

Our last dinner at Surface

nikky feeding souls
With Chef Chalee Kader of Surface

From the meditation oasis, we meandered through the Bangkok SkyTrain pathway on our way to Surface, a fusion Thai restaurant in Thonglor. For me, visiting Thonglor is like coming home. That’s because I grew up in Thonglor.

Surface is owned and helmed by Chef Chalee Kader. Chef Chalee is just amazing. The flavors of the dishes he served us were perfectly balanced. You know you’ve met a genius chef when you can feel that they can season everything right to the edge of perfection. Among these dishes we had at Surface are sea bream tartar with truffles, steamed clams in lemongrass broth, and risotto and tenderloin.

Our souls were fully fed by our stay at Surface. Thank you, Chef Chalee, for having us at your place and giving us an awesome time.

The last bus ride to the airport

nikky feeding soulsAfter our dinner at Surface, we had our last bus ride to the airport. It was an emotional ride, full of tears and fun exchanges of what this whole trip, this whole experience was all about. We all shared how our souls were fed by this trip.

I really can’t count the number of laughs and tears we shared every single day we were together on this trip. That’s because our souls truly connected. It was one of those moments when you just realize that life is good. Everything should be this simple. It should always be about connecting with the place, the food, the people, the community you surround yourself with.

Thailand gave us all these moments of feeding souls. We had a perfect, perfect trip. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a lot of us. But, as you know, every journey in life never ends as long as you continue to feed your soul.

So keep feeding your soul. Thank you for coming to feed your soul with every episode of Nikky Feeding Souls.

And thank you for feeding my soul. I couldn’t be happier for a group to come to Thailand and have me take them on a journey—a soul-feeding journey through food, culture, and travel.

Khob khun na ka.

Watch the episode here:

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