NRAEF Faces of Diversity 2020 Award Nominee

Great News! I’m a NRAEF Faces of Diversity 2020 Award Nominee

Hey, y’all! It’s my honor and pleasure to announce that I just got nominated for the Faces of Diversity Award for 2020. It’s an award given by the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation (NRAEF) annually to celebrate diversity in the restaurant industry.

Thank you, NRAEF! It really is an honor to be nominated.

The NRAEF Faces of Diversity celebrates inclusion and diversity

What is the NRAEF Faces of Diversity Award? The Award is NRAEF’s way of recognizing the contributions of people from diverse backgrounds to the US restaurant and food service industries. NRAEF has been giving out this Award for the last 12 years in partnership with PepsiCo.

According to the NRAEF, around one million businesses make up the restaurant and food service industries in the country. These businesses are responsible for creating jobs for approximately 15 million people. And these industries’ workforce comes from all backgrounds, making them the most diverse and inclusive in the country.

There’s more to the nominees and recipients of the Award than the success they found in their chosen careers. An important criterion for the Faces of Diversity Award is how the nominee has given back to their community—whether through job creation, charitable giving, and other means.

It’s always an honor to be recognized

I’m beyond flattered and honored to be nominated for the NRAEF Faces of Diversity Award for 2020. It’s a validation of the passion and the hard work my team and I put into Asian Mint. It’s our prize for keeping things going despite the challenges we had to face along the way.

As you may already know, I was born in Thailand to a Thai father and an American mother. I came to the US as a teenager. The culture was new to me, and I didn’t even speak English well back then.

The challenges I had to face as an Asian-American and as a woman in the restaurant industry didn’t stop me from following my dream and passion. With the help of my family and friends, the Asian Mint concept came to life. It’s thriving, thanks to the support of our loyal Mint Fanatics. And because I know how hard it is to start from the bottom, I’ve made it a mission to give back to the Dallas community as much as I can.

I’m truly grateful for this honor. Thank y’all.

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