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Or Tor Kor: The Best One-Stop-Shop Farmers Market in Bangkok

A visit to Or Tor Kor is one of the things you must always put on your itinerary every time you go to Bangkok. Located right beside Chatuchak Market, Or Tor Kor is the best farmers market in the Thai capital. You’re also likely to find it in any list of the best farmers markets in the world.

What makes this farmers market so special? For one, it’s where you’ll find the best produce in the whole of Bangkok. Vegetables, fruits, meats, seafood, flowers—you can get them all fresh in Or Tor Kor. Plus, everything is so clean there, so you’d know that all those yummy treats you see are safe to eat.

Even if you’re not going to shop or eat at Or Tor Kor, you’ve got to see it if only to take pictures. However, I highly doubt that you’d leave this market without a snack or two in hand.

Feast on seafood-to-go in Or Tor Kor

One of the things I love about shopping in Or Tor Kor is the seafood. Because everything is fresh in this market, you can expect the seafood to be fresh too. I saw some of the biggest lobsters I’ve ever seen there, and they came straight from the south of Thailand.

Another amazing thing about the seafood sold there is you can have them cooked right in front of you. And you can munch on your freshly cooked treats while wandering about the market. Don’t forget to get your nam jim seafood—it’s a sauce made with fresh lime juice. It will make any seafood dish taste even more awesome.

On our most recent wander about Or Tor Kor, we found some amazing plasalid fish. This freshwater fish is a staple in Thai kitchens. It’s also my husband’s favorite. One of the ways we love to prepare this fish is yum plasalid, where the fish is cooked until crispy and served with rice or porridge. We just love the salty-sweet-spicy flavor profile of this dish.

What else can you buy at Or Tor Kor?

As mentioned earlier, Or Tor Kor is where you’ll find the best produce in Bangkok. You can also find a lot of takeaway food there, freshly cooked right before you. So if you want to sample staple dishes in Thai cuisine, this market is the best place to do it.

Among the things that caught my eye on my last visit to this farmers market is the flower garlands. The garlands are made of jasmine and roses, and they’re assembled right at the stall. They’re usually given as temple offerings to Buddha. Our elders also love getting these garlands during Song Kran, the Thai New Year.

Tamarinds are also plentiful in this market. We use tamarinds to make Pad Thai sauce. Here’s a pro-tip: young tamarinds tend to be more sour, while the mature ones are sweeter.

So, if you want to have that one-stop-shop experience on your visit to Bangkok, don’t forget to drop by Or Tor Kor.

Take a look at the Or Tor Kor episode on my Nikky Feeding Souls YouTube channel.

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