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How I Like My Popcorn: A Spicy Popcorn Recipe You Need to Try

Hey, y’all! What does your snack spread look like on movie nights? There has to be some popcorn there, right? After all, what’s movie night without popcorn?

Here’s another question: Do you stick to the usual popcorn flavors like butter or caramel, or do you like to shake things up with your popcorn game? You see, for their May-June 2020 issue, D Magazine featured a story where six Dallas chefs shared their favorite popcorn recipe. I’m delighted to announce that I was once of those six chefs.

So, how do I like my popcorn? With a touch of Asian Mint spice, of course. The spicier, the better. I love to cook popcorn in an air popper, and then mix in a few tablespoons of Drama Queen Thai Crispy Chili. And if I have the crispy Thai basil variant on hand, which is an Asian Mint exclusive flavor, then I use that instead.

Spice is life, folks. I invite you to try this popcorn recipe and have a little adventure with it. I’m sure you’ll love it.

You can get the Drama Queen Thai Crispy Chili from any Asian Mint location. Or, you can order it from my ChefMint store.

Stay safe, y’all!

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