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Reflections on My January Cooking Experience

I can’t believe we’re already a few months past January. I remember hosting my first cooking experience of the year like it was just a few days ago.

Hosting my first class of 2021 was super soul-feeding for me. I got to see people from New York, the East Coast to the West Coast, and many others. I felt like we opened the year healthily and that everyone in the class managed to satisfy and feed their souls as I did.

I realized I couldn’t stress my love for vegetables enough, too, and it shows in my cooking. I could go on forever about mushrooms, especially since they’re proteins handed to us by Mother Nature.

At Nikky Feeding Souls, my goal is to feed everyone’s souls by sharing hearty and healthy yet straightforward meals. I think I’m on track so far, considering the fantastic feedback I received from my class attendees and followers.

It was soul-feeding for me to share how ginger martini, summer rolls, and shirataki pad woon sen are made. I had the opportunity to show you my favorites, mostly all of the ingredients we used.

We started the year on the right foot and set our intentions of eating healthy and feeding souls straight. I’m so excited for everyone who joined and will join me on this beautiful path to feed their soul.

I’ll do my best to help in our soul-feeding mission, feeding our entire bodies, getting and staying healthy together, and doing so with lots of easy, yummy Asian food. Let’s keep satisfying our souls together in the upcoming months!

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