#NikkyFeedingSouls supports RevAMP Dallas

RevAMP Dallas, A #NikkyFeedingSouls-Backed Concert, Yields $30K for North Texas Food Bank

Hey, y’all. So, some time ago, I announced that #NikkyFeedingSouls, along with my restaurant chain Asian Mint, is sponsoring the charity concert RevAMP Dallas. A group of students from St. Mark’s School of Dallas put this concert together with the aim of raising funds for the North Texas Food Bank.

The concert happened on October 12 at Gas Monkey Live. Kelsey Chen of Hockaday FourCast reported that it’s a success—it raised $30,000.

I’m taking this opportunity to congratulate the RevAMP Dallas team—founders and St. Mark seniors Eddi Raj and Charlie Rubarth, as well as event ambassador Aasha Ardilla—for a job well done.

RevAMP Dallas put young local artists on the spotlight

It’s definitely awesome that RevAMP Dallas was able to raise that much money for the North Texas Food Bank. That amount can help a lot of food-insecure families in our community.

But fundraising for food isn’t the only good cause that RevAMP Dallas pushed. The concert gave a platform to young, up-and-coming artists in the Dallas music scene. The event’s headliner is CVBZ, a Los Angeles-based songwriter with gold- and platinum-certified albums and 1.5 million Spotify followers. Though CVBZ isn’t local, the acts that supported him were from Dallas. These included rock band Fifth Phoenix, DJ Halcyon Dallas, and rapper Langston Gardner. CVBZ was gracious enough to give these musicians his feedback on their performance.

Student photographers group The Wabi-Sabi Project also gained some exposure from the RevAMP Dallas concert. Members of The Wabi-Sabi Project set up a booth and sold their photographs at the concert. The sales also went to the North Texas Food Bank.

#NikkyFeedingSouls is always happy to help

In the Hockaday FourCast report, the RevAMP Dallas team expressed hopefulness that the concert will grow bigger and raise more funds in the coming years. I’m certainly looking forward to that. As for me, I’m proud to have been part of it, and I’m always happy to help support projects like this as much as I can.

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