street food in bangkok old city

Sampling Street Food in Bangkok Old City

In one of the episodes of my Nikky Feeding Souls show, we went on a mini-tour of Bangkok Old City. Also known as Rattanakosin, Old City is where you’ll find Bangkok’s most important historical attractions. These include the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, and various temples and museums.

Bangkok Old City’s oldest rice cracker stall

But we’re in Old City first and foremost for the food. The first stop of our mini-tour is Bangkok’s oldest rice cracker stall. This stall has been in business for 90 years. If you ever had the good fortune of tasting traditional Thai rice crackers in Bangkok, it’s highly likely that it came from this stall.

What’s so good about the rice crackers from this particular store? Thai rice crackers are basically rice dried in the sun and then deep-fried until the cracker is crispy. What makes it spectacular is the dips that come with it. The store’s owner offers four different kinds of dips, but my favorite is the minced pork in curry sauce. This dip gives the crackers all sorts of well-blended flavors. It’s also kinda spicy because you get to eat it with a piece of Thai chili.

The best roti in Bangkok Old City

Our next stop is one of the oldest roti places in Bangkok Old City. Roti is an Indian crepe dish that you eat with a variety of dips. This particular roti store is famous for its curry dips—red curry, yellow curry, green curry, and massaman curry. They also have sweet crepes. For this visit, I had one of my old favorites: a plain roti with bananas, sweet condensed milk, and powdered sugar. It’s one of the sweet snacks I grew up with. Scrumptious!

One of the things that makes snacking at Bangkok Old City so delightful is the area’s proximity to Chao Phraya River. This river, which cuts through Bangkok, is so scenic and serene. Among the best ways to spend an afternoon in Bangkok is to ride a boat down Chao Phraya and just let your troubles float away. There are also plenty of restaurants and food stalls along the riverbank. So, on your visit here, you can simply relax and feed your soul with great street food and magnificent views.

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