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Asian Mint’s Shirataki Noodles Lands a Mention on Katy Trail Weekly

Hey, y’all! Here’s a fun fact about the start of every year: many people promise themselves that they’ll eat healthier and sometimes even shed some pounds. But then, you know exactly how hard that is, don’t you?

Healthy doesn’t always mean tasty, and fewer carbs often equate to hunger pangs. Luckily, shirataki noodles come to our rescue.

I’d like to thank Katy Trail Weekly for helping spread the word about Asian Mint’s zero-carb shirataki noodles. They also feature my Asian Noodle Salad recipe. That’s yum woon sen for Thai dish fanatics.

Check out their post or January 22-28 print edition if you’re curious about it! Shirataki noodles come from a native Southeast and East Asian plant. It’s perfect for you if you’re craving pasta but avoiding its carbohydrates.

I often serve it as a winter soup, so you’ll enjoy a warm, satisfying meal while keeping your New Year’s resolution. At other times, you can see shirataki noodles mixed with salads, too. I found that they make better, more satisfying salads than your typical salad.

Remember, you don’t need to starve for your goals—you can easily obtain healthy meals like Asian Mint’s noodle soup, salad, or other dishes. You can even learn to cook them yourself by attending my virtual classes or watching my YouTube clips.

That’s all for our news roundup today. Stay healthy and happy!

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