Bangkok shopping at Chatuchak Market

Shopping at Chatuchak Market, Bangkok’s Biggest Market

Whenever I visit Bangkok, I make sure that shopping at Chatuchak Market is part of my itinerary.

Chatuchak Market, also known as JJ Market, is the biggest market in all of Thailand. Its weekend market is considered to be one of the largest and most diverse in all the world. Covering an area of around 35 acres, JJ Market has more than 15,000 stalls divided into 27 sections.

You can find almost anything in Chatuchak Market. Everything is in there—from fresh produce to freshly cooked street food, from electronics and techie accessories to kitchen appliances and home decor. It’s also a good place to find antiques and handicrafts.

My favorite shop at Chatuchak Market

When I’m at JJ Market, I always head to my favorite shop. It’s a handicrafts shop, and the lady who owns it makes most of the products sold there. She even works on her crafts right there at the shop, so she’s always busy. I often leave that shop with a haul of cute and colorful earrings, necklaces, and other accessories.

What I love about this shop is the items for sale there aren’t just pretty. They’re made using materials sourced from Thailand’s northern provinces, such as Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. So, whenever I shop there, it makes me feel that I’m doing my part in supporting the people in those provinces. And I do love representing them with my own sense of style.

The last time I wandered about JJ Market (as of this writing), I ended up buying clothes for my little ones, including a cute unicorn outfit for my daughter Skye. I also got an outfit for one of my Nikky Feeding Souls episodes, as well as a couple of dresses and bags going to a few lucky ladies back home in the States.

Whenever you’re in Bangkok, I invite you to visit Chatuchak Market. It’s a lovely, energetic, and colorful place. And who knows what bargains await you there?

Watch the episode on Chatuchak Market here.

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