mango sticky rice

Where to Get the Best Mango and Sticky Rice in Bangkok

If you ever visit Bangkok, you must try mango sticky rice. It is a famous Thai dessert that’s enjoyed all over the world. It’s so famous that it’s sold at the airport, as well as on the street and in restaurants. You can even take some home with you, and international shipping is available!

What is Mango Sticky Rice?

A traditional Thai dessert made with glutinous rice, fresh mango and coconut milk, and eaten with a spoon or sometimes the hands. This is usually eaten in the peak mango season, the summer months of April and May in Thailand

Mango Sticky Rice

Method of Preparation

The main ingredients needed are sticky rice (glutinous rice), canned or fresh coconut milk, salt, palm sugar and mangoes. To prepare the dish, the rice is soaked in water and then cooked by steaming or the use of a rice cooker. Meanwhile, the coconut milk is mixed with salt and sugar, and heated without boiling. After the rice is finished cooking, the coconut milk mixture and the rice are mixed together evenly and allowed to sit to allow the milk to absorb into the rice. The mangos are peeled and sliced. To serve the dish, the rice is scooped onto a plate, a few mango slices are placed on top or to the side, and the remaining coconut milk is drizzled on top. Sometimes the sticky rice is topped with crispy yellow mung beans.

Why I love it?

What makes sticky mango rice so beautiful is its simplicity. It’s made up of sticky rice mixed with coconut milk, salt, and sugar. Then it’s served with freshly peeled ripe mangoes and topped with nuts and coconut sauce. Just perfect!

Mango sticky rice is among my personal favorites. I bet you I can eat it all day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert—you name it and I’ll devour it. And my favorite place to get some is Or Tor Kor Market. I suggest that you drop by and check it out. But you can also get tasty sticky mango rice from the Chatuchak Weekend Market. The mangoes there are of the best quality too, based on their juiciness, flavor, texture, and size.

Where to Find Mango Sticky Rice in Bangkok?

Next time you’re in Bangkok and you see this Thai desert sold in fruit stalls or listed on the menu, you’ve got to try it. I highly recommend the Ma-Muang-Nam-Dok-Mai—it’s my favorite variant.

Check out more of my mango sticky rice adventures in this episode:

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