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Yearend Reflections, Part 3: Getting Ready for the Holidays and Thanksgiving Thoughts

This, my Thanksgiving thoughts, is the third part of my series on my yearend reflections for 2020.
You can read the first part of the series here:
For the second part, hop to this link:

As we gear up for the holidays, I would like to remind everyone—and myself—to choose the easy world. Wake up and follow the flow of the day, the week, the month. Ease tension by listening to your soul, and to others. Because, most of the time, others just want to be heard.

One of the things I know about myself is I’m a fixer. But I’m aware that, more often than not, not everything needs to be fixed. It just needs to be heard and released.

Additionally, I have to remind myself that this is a time to connect and, thus, I have to be intentional in making time to connect—connect with myself and with close friends and family.

Escape to Thailand: Thanksgiving turkey fried rice

thanksgiving thoughtsAn essential part of my yearend reflections is the Escape to Thailand online experience I hosted on November 14. I am so excited that I get to share one of my most soul-feeding recipes: Thanksgiving turkey fried rice, which is Thai fried rice with a Thanksgiving twist. What an awesome way to use turkey in a soul-feeding dish. You also get to add Thanksgiving flavors like sliced almonds and cranberries to make it more festive. Ultimately, eating gets all our senses reexperiencing annual events with the use of familiar flavors, smells, sounds, and colors.

For the November 14 Escape to Thailand online experience, we had Soul Foodies joining in from the UK across to LA! Thirty souls joined in during this festive hour, where I shared all about the different kinds of soy sauces and the best kind of rice to use for Thai fried rice. I had many wide-eyed reactions from my Soul Foodies learning for the first time about all the soy sauces and the flavors that make Thai food their comfort food of choice.

I love seeing families join in and young chefs ready to cook a new dish to explore. There were two young sisters at the ready with aprons, mise en place, and the biggest smiles. It was all thumbs up when they got to eat their creation!

I can’t tell you enough how much I love doing these classes. I get to meet souls that love Thai food and want to explore it with me. After all, my goal with every experience is to have them realize just how easy and yummy it is to make Thai food at home. I teach tips and tricks I have learned from teaching Thai cooking classes for over 15 years and running a restaurant for even longer.

Thanksgiving at home

thanksgiving thoughtsFor Thanksgiving with my family this season, I have decided to order a feast from my favorite chef—Chef Sharon van Meter, to be exact. Then I’d bring along Asian Mint Thai-inspired Thanksgiving dishes and make one or two of my favorite things that feed my soul. I’m going to bake a blackberry ginger pie or cobbler for sure. Additionally, I’m going to have my mom make her famous broccoli and cauliflower slaw.

My grandmother is getting to the point where she doesn’t have the energy to cook for us anymore. Seeing us sometimes do all the cooking makes her feel stressed that she can’t help. Everyone has been under a lot of mental stress that adding to it, especially during the holidays, defeats the purpose of coming together and enjoying each other. So, by ordering out, we get to help the community. It’s also stress-free and self-care because the act of going to pick up a feast that’s been prepared for you with love is super soul-feeding! I just can’t wait to try something new, coupled with a few old favorites.

This is the year to do something different, and we’re going all out! We’re still working out the details of our social-distance gathering. Paper plates, outdoor setting, and daytime gathering are the basis of our plan.

Do stay safe and be mindful of your loved ones. If you’re feeling under the weather, it’s best to stay at home. You can catch up another time when you feel you’re your best self. In this way, we all minimize the risk of spreading sickness.

Thanksgiving thoughts: The ritual of being grateful

thanksgiving thoughts

Every day is a special day to spend with your family, and being grateful is a daily ritual in my household. A mom-share that I’m very proud of is that every morning, we share what we are grateful for the day. And every night, we share our highs and lows.

Sharing grateful thoughts first thing in the morning gets us in the right mindset. My kids can start off with simple thoughts like “I am grateful for my dog, my mom, my breakfast,” to something more profound like “I am grateful for my teacher, school, and another beautiful day.” It’s often the simple things in life that we think of. I feel that sharing it as a gratefulness doesn’t let us take it for granted.

For our bedtime routine, sharing our highs and lows, and very recently our middles, get our minds reflecting on the day, of what gave us joy, sadness, and great life lessons. I get to learn what’s on my kids’ minds—what’s important and what’s bothering them. And then I get to share my own personal experiences that I hope helps them reflect on their life.

My kids love hearing stories of when I was their age and what I did and what lessons I learned from similar highs and lows. My six-year-old fun-loving spirit enjoys this more than my 11-year-old. But I know that my 11-year-old thinker appreciates the opportunity to share and reflect on the day too. Sometimes, I get something so profound that just makes me go “Wow! That’s deep!”

Like I said, gratefulness is an all-day, everyday experience. You can tap into and reset your mind to your true self.

I hope you enjoyed my Thanksgiving thoughts. Stay tuned for the final part of my yearend reflections.

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