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Yearend Reflections, Part 4: December, Look Out!

This is the final part of the series on my yearend reflections for 2020.
You’ll find the first part here:, the second part here:, and the third part here:

December is my favorite month. It’s the end of the year, it’s my birthday month, it’s my daughter’s birthday month, and it’s the holidays! It’s the month where I get to bake, bake, bake!

I think it’s the baking and making souls smile that really feeds my soul. I’m a pastry chef at heart, and baking and decorating edible things, plus giving them to my favorite souls as a way of sharing my gratitude really feeds my soul.

I will be baking and sharing with you my favorite treats. More than that, I’ll show you some new treats I learned from new favorite baking cookbooks and online chefs this year. You might have seen some sneak peeks from my IG Stories and reels, but every time I play (and I mean bake), I get more creative and elaborate.

Asian Mint Fanatics, look out! I have a special treat for you too! Well, I’ll just tell you now—I’m making my matcha parfait travel-friendly for takeout and curbside pickups. 😉

I’ll also be sharing my last Escape to Thailand experience of the year with you right after my birthday on December 16. For that event, I will demonstrate how Bangkokians celebrate December. You will understand even more why I share with you what I do. We’ll learn food meditation with my dearest soul sister Priya Patel of The Intention Table. Additionally, I will teach you how to make the best pad Thai you’ll ever have, not to mention tom yum soup to feed the soul! All y’all selecting the shipping kit or prep kits will also get a special gift from me.

Celebrating December

yearend reflections

Throughout my life, my family has always made December a big, fun deal. I have people asking me, “What do you want for your birthday and what do you want for Christmas?” I love having my birthday in December. That’s because I get to combine gifts, and I never felt like I got jibbed like some often say. Instead, I get to be very thoughtful about what I want.

I highly recommend everyone to celebrate their birth month, and not just for a day or a week. You are worth the celebration, and 30 days to do so is just about right! I love celebrating the day of my birthday and the weekend closest to my birthday. Moreover, I scheduling lunches with friends who also have birthdays in December or are Sagittarius. It’s fun to connect and reflect on the year and share intentions for the next.

2021 is the year of travel!

yearend reflectionsAs spontaneous as I am, I love planning my next travel adventures, learning experiences, and soul-feeding goals. I am telling you now that 2021 is the year of travel for me! I have been landlocked enough in 2020 that I will be indulging in travel experiences soon. In some of these experiences, you can join me. But in some, you can’t. Be prepared for the trip of a lifetime, because I am! It will be sensational, spiritual, and soul-feeding in every way.

I am thinking back to Thailand, for sure. Bali is on the horizon and, gratefully, I’ll have the opportunity to see the Dalai Lama too. I want to connect with souls that also enjoy feeding their own souls with deep, meaningful connections and experiences. Planning is in the works, and I can’t wait to share them with you to inspire you to feed your soul.

I wish everyone a joyful, soul-feeding holiday. Remember to be kind to yourself and others. It’s been an interesting 2020, and believe it or not, it’s coming to a close. I feel many of us got to know your true self and who you want to become during this pandemic.

As for me, I have reprioritized my goals and journeys to reflect the new version of myself. I have really learned that you’ll never know what’s coming next, so go for what you want and enjoy the journey. Stay humble and grateful for all that has helped you along the way. It’s the soul connections that are everlasting!

I hope you enjoyed my yearend reflections. Have a soul-feeding holidays!

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