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Yum Woon Sen: The Dish I’d Eat If It’s My Last Day on Earth

If you were to ask me what I’d eat if it’s going to be my last day on Earth, I’d have a quick and easy answer for you. It’s yum woon sen, hands down.

What’s yum woon sen? Simply put, it’s Thai glass noodle salad. But don’t let its simple name and appearance deceive you. One taste of this dish and you’ll discover all the complex blend of flavors that makes it so special.

The main ingredient of this noodle salad dish is obviously glass noodles. These are light, transparent noodles that we make using mung beans. After a brief dunk in hot water, these noodles are then tossed with fresh lime juice, fish sauce, tomatoes, seafoods like shrimp and squid, and minced pork or chicken. Of course, a plate of this dish isn’t complete with its complement of herbs and spices: Thai chives, green onions, shallots, cilantro, and Thai chilies. Is your mouth watering yet?

I grew up on yum woon sen. This is my go-to dish for whenever I don’t know what to eat. The sourness and the spiciness just explode in your mouth. It’s fresh and simple, but oh so yummy. It’s food that feeds the soul, and it’s food that’s totally to live for.

Whenever you’re in Thailand, you’ve got to try this dish. You can get this everywhere. It’s on the menu of your typical Thai sit-down restaurant, and there are street food stalls that sell it too.

Check out the episode on yum woon sen in the Nikky Feeding Souls YouTube channel.

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